Hello Ma'am ,I am in 9th week and there is a small fibroid in my uterus,visible in ultrasound.Can it be harmful at this stage?

If you have no problems like bleeding then it is fine. Fibroids if large in size can be harmful. Else don't bother. It can also be treated by homeopathy which is safe during pregnancy too

The fibroid size and position is relevant. A small fibroid should not be a concern. Your doctor will keep checking the growth of the fibroid and if it becomes painful then will suggest suitable remedies. During pregnancy due to the increased blood flow the fibroid has a chance of growing. Finally the position can impact the type of delivery. However all this is more relevant in the third trimester.

Thanks for the valuable suggestions...

hello, even I have a fibroid and delivered a healthy baby... no need to worry... good luck...:)

Thanks for sharing this information..