I had my appointment with my gynaecologist today. iam 32 weeks pregnant. she said she feels I have more chances of having normal delivery at full term. can a gynaecologist judge that by examining you internally. if yes. iam on top of the world. please guide.

Yes if you exercise regularly and the gestation and growth matches you will definitely have a normal delivery. Keep talking to your baby, exercising all the best.

thanks Lynette. iam doing daily 5km walk but in breakups. rest everything is in God's hand.

The chances of a vaginal birth are high if the baby is full term, healthy and in the correct position. The doctor can assess this by examining you.

It's all depend upon baby's position. if baby is cephalic position more chances to normal delivery. Doctor advised me bed rest from 2nd month. I never walked and took ghee. still I delivered normal.

thanks Harpreet. thanks sonali. let's c abhi toh I have just completed 32 weeks. still keeping positive.