hi all my baby s 2months old can i give her candysugar water

asha chaudhry

no pls deepu! no water till 6 months completed and no sugar till ur baby is 1yr old! Sheeba Vijesh Dhara Popat any more advice?

Deepu Manyam

thankq asha but in summer babies are more dehydrated den wat to do if dey r dehydrated

asha chaudhry

@deepu - is ur baby being exclusively breastfed? if so then no need for water :) the pee count is very imp. how many times is baby doing pee? tagging Dr.Shilpitha Shanthappa Dr. Payal M

Sonika Singh

hello Deepu...no...baby will not dehydrated..give only breakmilk or formula milk...wait till 6months..

Dhara Popat

asha chaudhry is right.
Dear Your breast milk contains both foremilk and hind milk.  foremilk contains proportion of water n milk both and from it your baby's requirement of water is fulfilled, so please dont give water till atleast six months and even after six months ask your doctor the quantity of water to be given to the baby n thn give.  take cre :)

Deepu Manyam

my baby s both bf nd fm her pee count s almost 10 napies per day

Dhara Popat

than i suppose you should bot give water or sugar at all dear.  it is not at all required. 

Dr. Shilpitha Shanthappa

Hello Deepu..
as u said she is peeing normally..so no need to worry..plz dont give water till 6months and no salt n sugar till one year...salt burdens tiny kidneys..and sugar hampers brain development...baby ll nt gt dehydrated as BF n FF consists water also...when eva u feel baby is thirsty let have BF or FF..

Sheeba Vijesh

hi deepu, i hope your doubts have been put to rest as all moms have given wonderful advises. still, if you do have any doubt, you can ask one question to yourself. when the heat rises, you will automatically feel thirsty, won't you? and when you feel thirsty, what would you do? get yourself a drink of water! so what would baby(who is also a tiny human), do? since he cannot get a drink for himself, he will cry, and you feed him😊... just check for 6-7 pees a day and that baby is active. if baby is given water, he will take that much less milk and lose out on vital nutrients... thanks for the tag asha chaudhry


Hi Deepu. As all our helpful moms have posted only mothers milk till 6 months. Im happy you asked this. As moms we really need to know what ia best for our child. Do refer to our articles Weaning foods simplified for all new mothers

Dr. Payal M

we do feel like giving extra fluids in these hot weather days but believe us when we say its not required! ive had two babies in summer but breast milk is a full meal in itself. just feed more frequently. n keep a check on pee count. dont expose to hot weather n even in the house use the AC n fan generously.

Neeta Nihale

hello deepu. . y u want to give candy sugar water.. breast milk is enough for baby till 6 months.
if you feel that baby become dehydrated so you can feed baby in every 1hr. mothers milk is a magical milk.. it maintain itself according to babies needs. . plz don't give salt n sugar till 1yr.

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