Hi.. I have severe back and shoulder pain since sometime.. delivered via c-sec on aug 13th.. thinking of going for some post delivery massage.. does that help to lessen the pain..

hi Nisha, i have the same problem, post delivery massage hepls upto certain extent, regular stretching exercises should help to minimise aches and pains, check if you are taking your vitamins regularly, iron, calcium, folic acid, vit D. hope this message is helpful..

I am not taking the vitamins regularly.. I keep forgetting as I get busy with the baby

hi nisha, taking massage is very useful to reduce backpain.when i started my treatment,they told me to reduce if u gained weight,u can choose some healthy diet ,reduce weight meanwhile take massage too.

Massage can help you relax but adding some back exercises and focusing on your posture will give you best results.

hi Nisha , why don't you set a daily reminder in ur phone to take the vitamins . I'm sure it will help .tc

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