What are the precautions too be taken after c section? what diet we can follow to be healthy and keep my baby healthy too...plzz suggest

u can eat anything ... bt not too oily nt too milky nt tòo unhealthy....

what type of stitches u got

hi priyanka, after c section take nice rest till 4 month.dont conscious about diet now.but u can reduce carbohydrates especially rice and add more protein and fibre content foods.

Post a c section take it easy for a few days and avoid strenuous movements to allow the stitches to heal. Wear a support belt to support the incision. Eat a healthy balanced diet which will help you to recover and make enough milk for the baby. Exercise can resume once you are two months post partum but you can start with a walking program much earlier.

thanks for ur help, doctors said that they have done pasting in c section

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