My baby has been thumbsucking a lot and her paediatrician says I should not try removing the thumb from her mouth. In his opinion, babies get over the habit naturally as they grow but pulling out the thumb will reinforce in her mind an act that she was probably doing subconsciously. I read in a post here that we should pull out the thumb everytime and I'm left confused. Expert moms please advise.


Hi Neha. In my opinion baby should be told why its not a good thing. But you can word it such that its not a Dont do..No Stop...instruction. Use phrases like Fingers are for touching and holding and give her a toy. Direct her to what should be done rather than what shouldn't. You can also start explaining to baby that hands in the mouth is cheee...Try to distract her. Its tiring i know. All the very best. Do let us know how it goes and if these tips help.

Neha Rungta

She usually does it to soothe herself to sleep and during feeds. she has recently started on solids and sometimes it looks like she is sucking her thumb in an attempt to gulp the food down.


Understood. It may not be related to the food. Have you tried giving her alternative comfort like a small toy she can hold while sleeping?
What say mom stars? Roopashree Siddireddy, Sheeba Vijesh

Rhituparna Mitra

I faced the same situation with my daughter. She  will be 4 this year and she still​ sucks her thumb to soothe herself especially while sleeping. I have tried multiple other ways of soothing but nothing worked but the frequency and need has definitely reduced. My doctor too told me that pulling it out will reinforce the behaviour. This article might help -  How to save that cute little thumb from being sucked away to glory?!


hi. I am facing the same problem well my daughter is u
15month and she sucks her thumb as well but that doesn't really bother me but she has this ugly green blanket which she never leaves she wants it with her everywhere. iv tried giving her different blankets, same design ,same colour but she just doesn't leave the blanket. I'm honestly tired of seeing that blanket. she doesn't let me wash and she doesn't sleep without it. please suggest on how I can get rid of the blanket habit please.

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Sheeba Vijesh

i go with what the paediatrician says. i never used to pull out, instead just give him something attractive, it maybe his toy or any other object. also when he sucks his thumb i say its cheee... he laughs at this, meaning, he does understand its bad. babies understand our tone, so keep talking to your baby...

Sheeba Vijesh

Some time back i had read about children getting attached to loveys. it is an object with which a child is attached to... a family friend's son always carries a bunch of keys around with him. it is a source of comfort for them.. read up on this, might helphttp://www.parents.com/baby/development/separation-anxiety/when-your-babys-addicted-to-lovey/ Shabnam


thank u Sheeba ... :)

Ashika Imthiyaz

babies usually tries to sense each and everything through their mouth which s nearer to third to fourth months.. at that time v shud not force them to remove the fingers nd objects.. instead v can wash their hands nd the objects they r trying to suck.. is much needed to avoid infections.. wat ppl r doing is.. when baby s trying to suck his fingers r any objects.. they just want to remove t immediately by forcing her.. which shud b avoided i guess.. its because the nerve which s related to sensor shud be allowed to touch and bite to sense by the baby is very important milestone here s getting stopped.. so babys tend  towards another comfortable zone like towels pacifiers finger sucking nd all things.. and its completely my theory as i ve read many articles not oly here... through this i have came up wt such conclution fa my parenting style...

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