hello friends...i need help. i want to knw is thr any special precautions to take while giving a bottle feed to my little one? so that he will not have any gas or colic problem? he is 2 mnths old and totally on bm and fm. i habe to give him fm atleast 5,6 times in 24hrs. doc suggested to feed him by spoon. but its a mess.and he dont have patience that long. any suggestions?


Hello. For such a small baby i was advised not to give bottle. I breastfed and at times gave top feed from spoon. What say #TagFwd  Roopashree Siddireddy, Ankita Popli

Sunita Agarwal

You need to boil bottles for every use.. Change bottle's nipples once it gets loose.. Mostly once a week u need to change it.. Get gud quality bottle like that of Pigeon

Amritha Srinath

Wash and sterilize the bottle before and after use. Change nipples often. Use Philips Avent. But don't u think he s way too small for the bottle. The best is to breastfeed, if not use spoon n bowl only..

Palak Jain

if u decided to bottle feed thn go for glass bottles.. if gng with plastic bottkes thn do sterlize thn after each use... change niples regularly.

Amrita Bagchi

this much young babies will definitely suffer from gas. there is no way they'll not have gas. their digestive system is still building up. try move ur babies legs as if the baby is cycling.

Neeta Nihale

hello tanushree. . why you want to give top feed? ?


@amritha :- bf is not sufficient acc. to his need. so i have to give fm. doc. herself advised me to do so.and i have philips avent bottle.

Neeta Nihale

how you came to know that bm is not sufficient ??


@ priya. i tried with spoon but he suck it so fast it causes choking kind of thing for a sec. or two and then he vomits tht.


and then he cries like anythng. plus his all cloths becomes wet.

Ritika Tondwal

you can also try palladai or jhinuk... was difficult to get it general stores so we got a silver one from a jewelery shop for kids...

Nandini Aravind

Tanushree why don't you try one of those tube kinda things, like the dropper for medicines!! Probably that may help.

Amrita Bagchi

@tanushree have u tried sabu dana with milk,water of masur daal? these increase bm. moreover, if ur baby urinates at least 6 times within 24 hrs,then bm is sufficient. if not,u may try those aforementioned things to increase bm.

Amrita Bagchi

I want to tell u one thing. when my baby was 2 months,I felt my bm was not sufficient. but my gyn somewhat rebuked me. He told me that our hypothalamus regulates the production of breast milk.If we r told/ we start believing that our bm is not sufficient, bm production will automatically decrease. and the opposite faith helps increase bm.


hii friends. i gave him bm for 1 and a half mnth...but still he was underweight. so my paeds doc. suggested tht i shld give him both bm plus fm. now in 15 days he gain some weight.  and looks gud.

Sonam patel

if you have made up your mind for bottles.. then buy colic free bottles.. like that of chicco.. sterlize bottle before every feed..wash your hands properly and sanitize them before putting up nipples.. change the nipples every 30-45 days..

Rakhi Puri (beautyofmommying)

TanuShree breastfeed is possible with help but if you still want to use bottle try Madela calma... it functions like mother's breast

Meghna Shah Desai

hi. i would suggest to increase breastfeed by drinking Shatavari Kalp or Shatavarex with milk. there are also medicines like lactare available. please check with your gynaec about it. if you are still going for bottle feed then make sure you make the baby in the standing position till he gets sufficient burps. also give him Himalayas Bonnisan (Gripewater) once or twice a day

Manveen (Motheropedia_Blog)

i have bottle fed both my kids and successfully weaned them off in due time. maintain cleanliness of the bottle, sterilising it after every use. also change the teaks at regular intervals.


thank u friends. and yes m having shatavari kalp

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