i am feeling so irritated. i want love and support but my husband does'nt understand my mood swings. if i talk with irritation and shouting , he shouts back at me with louder voice.


lucky are the girls who have understanding husbands....

Simran Kaur

dont be dependent on ur husband...men generally wont understand what a pregnant girl goes through... try to involve urself in activities of ur interest.. ur can cook..read..sing...paint.. shop for ur baby.. join prenatal classes.. decorate ur baby room or almera... read spirtual things.. talk to more moms or would be moms they will share their expirience ... stay happy nd calm... this time will not come back...enjoy every bit of it... nd dont depend on others...its ur baby.. no one bothers to take care of ur baby as u do.... :)

Monika Acharya

same is happening with me... sometimes he understands n sometimes he makes me feel like I m only the responsible person of my baby....he has no responsibility....4 times I went for sonography not a single time he attended with me.....I felt so bad..... I always go alone no elder person is with me..


We all are here for u ladies. big hugs. draw your strength from here


Priya Sood asha chaudhry Sheeba Vijesh Manveen Dua Kaushal Sovani #tagfwd to help them

Sapna Soni

I'm facing same problem.... Ignore krne ke alawa no other choice.

Neha Singhal

I want to share about my husband...if I will tell about him then you all will think that its only possible in dreams..my husband cares for me a lot...from starting the pregnancy till the end ...still now fullfil his responsibility of a good father...we have a little angel...he loves her sooo much as I don't...sometimes she wakeup in midnight Nd he also wakeup Nd help me to sleep her...such a great husband...as I tell about him is less...no any and...

Sheeba Vijesh

several ways i could think about this - one is, men's brains are way different than women's. you have to directly tell them what you wish. that too when he is in a happy mood, without blaming, you have to talk. for eg. you could say, i love the way you play with the baby, its so great to see you two bond so well... men love their egos to be stroked, maybe even more than how much us women love being told how pretty we look in a certain outfit. besides, he may be overwhelmed by the sudden responsibilities too, a baby is a huge thing - he is probably calculating expenses gone and coming in his head, which is giving him tension. reassure him that you and baby are happy with the way things are going, thanks to him. sometimes you may have to tell a thing to be done repeatedly. just say it, without getting irritated, eventually he will get around, and when he does it, don't forget to give a pat on the back for a job well done. some men are more sensitive to a woman's needs, others have to be trained 😛😀... take care dear...

Sheeba Vijesh

Roopashree Siddireddyaditi manja Dhara Popat how do you gals manage?

asha chaudhry

a big #BabyChakraMomHug to all the ladies here! men are wired differently so at times may not understand ur emotions & mood swings. u might need to explain this to him or get him to read an article to understand whats going on wth u. do u have any close friends whr the husband is understanding? perhaps he cud speak to ur hubby? also pls try and stay positive - play music, read good stuff, surround urself wth awesome friends off line and online both, hangout wth moms on babychakra app and most importantly, enjoy ur time wth baby :)  if u r expecting then pls enjoy shopping and watch good movies - do the stuff that will take a backseat once the baby comes! chin up - be happy!

asha chaudhry

Neha Rungta Prithvi Balaji Harpreet Sidhu Sangeetha Karuna Sweta Nagubandi #tagfwd

Manveen (Motheropedia_Blog)

Hey...sending you lots of strength. Remember anger is something we punish ourselves with for the fault of others.When my husband and i have our tiffs, i usually keep quiet. once he's quiet or at office i send him.an email.or a text explaining my point of view. Also my 2 cents; build a relationship on love... appreciation is an undercurrent. it's always there.

Sangeetha Karuna

Hey dear.. Guys are guys. Just understand one thing. Men are from mars and women are from venus🙂. We girls need love and support. And We want some one to listen to our worries. But except from your dad, you can never expect this from any men's. They have an empty box in their brain and they love to stay there. So dear, if you want to share or need some one's ear just put your words in baby chakra, we girls are here to listen. And do not expect much from men☺️ you will enjoy your life

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