I was thinking whole day about sharing or not I have a premature baby who is now 4 months old he is little fussy. he just weighs 4.5 kgs  doctor said it's fine according to his birth weight but still I am always worried about it as he needs extra care extra love but in my home no one else look after him my husband does but first 3 months he didn't care that much as he was busy in his job now my baby only need me my mil is working even she can take holidays she never tried to whatever the situation is my baby sleeps in my lap only sometimes in deep sleep I can put him in craddle he wakes up after every hour and it's very difficult to put him sleep again nobody brothered first 3 months I was handling him alone every time... but I dun do any house hold job sab servant karta hai still I am getting depressed sometimes everyone comes isko kisses Kari and gone even if he did crying they dun even sit for a while .. main isko ghum ghum ke chup karati Hun then he sleeps ab isko meri aadat pad gayi hai but main bahut thak jati Hun my mil says dis is ur job only she hardly picks my baby just come phir vohi 6 months ka hojayega to main khilaungi buy no one understands I needed them now the most ... but I dun say anything to anyone just doing it because I love my baby and he is my strength I got tired can't even sleep for 12 hours ... thanks to baby chakra that I can share something and is it really gonna be ok soon whenever he is going to sleep

hii prabhjot kaur..u should be thankful tat at least u ve servants fr household chores..many Ill fated moms have to do all house work apart from taking care of baby..even if baby cries they ll not allow u to leave work n go..aap aisa kare ki ek servant bache ko dekhbaal ke liye rakhle toh apko thoda sa rest milega..saara din sirf bache ke sath rehke bhi irritation start hota hai..half hour k liye light walk pe Jake aye..bache baat sikhne lage tab sabhi family members usse close hojayenge aur sab time spend karna chahenge ..don't worry too much

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