Hi, I am in first trimester of my pregnancy. I am not able to drink more than 2 glasses of water a day. Is it very unsafe for my baby? I feel like vomiting whenever I see water. Please help as I already had a miscarriage earlier and I am very nervous this time.

Hi Anjali. This happens with many moms. What helped me was that i didn't think of drinking water as a task. I would take small sips every now and then from a glass and never from a bottle. Bottles used to give me a feeling of drinking bulk. You can also makr drinking water fun. Put water in a pretty looking glass with a straw and add a bit of lemon. All the best!

It is natural to feel nauseous at this time. However fluid intake is important. Don't think about drinking a whole glass at a go. Take sips. Keep two bottles of one litre handy and keep sipping thru the day. If you don't like the taste of water you can add a couple of slices of lime to the water and let it settle and then sip on this water. Additionally items like butter milk and coconut water are also good substitutes.

thanks a lot Priya and Sonali. I will try doing the same..

have tender coconut water. it keeps you hydrated

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