i have gone through c sec on 30 April what is the recovery time after c sec.when will i can do household chores.

Sonali Shivlani

You can start doing some basic things for yourself and your baby almost immediately. It is best to listen to your body and not take on too many things. Rest and recover. Most moms feel comfortable by the time they are about a month post partum.

Palak Jain

after c sec u need to take care of urself more... dont be in hurry for hpusehold chorus. give ur body proper rest for at least 3 mnths. but u kno ur body best. do how much ur body allows u. slowly slowly start wrk..  dont over burden urself

asha chaudhry

i m a little confused. u had ur c-section on 30 april? last year?


it's 30 march 2017

asha chaudhry

as our BabyChakra Expert Sonali Shivlani has suggest pls listen to ur body. do all small things for baby and urself. u can do stuff that doesnt exert u. be careful when bending down - squat instead of bending over to avoid straining ur back. tc of urself! good luck!! Sheeba Vijesh Priya Sood #tagfwd

DrUzma Shaikh

my Dr asked me not to sit on d ground and pick anything heavy Dats it .other all things can b donr

Purvi Sharma

gv atleast 3 months to u conpletely

Priya Sood

Hello! After c sec you can take it nice and easy. Ensure you rest bcoz you have to take care of yourself and baby. Feeding itself is a big exercise. Pls try to get help for couple if months on housechores. Go slow. Walk daily. Do not do any heavy lifing.   pls take it one day at a time. After 5th month you would be in a much better position to do chores. But pls do it gradually and rest when needed.
What say Ankita Popli, Suhasini Vinod, Sonika Singh tag fwd

Sheeba Vijesh

hi dear.... the day after c-section itself, you can start walking. it will not only help in getting the blood flowing, but also help in reducing gas and constipation. walk as much as you can. do not lift anything heavier than your baby, and do not bend to do anything. when sitting, sit straight. like everyone said, listen to your body. you can do most tasks like cooking, cutting up vegetables etc. in a few days, but caring for the baby and sleepless nights can leave you pretty tired, so its best to have someone to help you. any heavy weight should be lifted only after 6 months...

Nisha Dayal

Wait for six months to lift heavy objects.  Don't lift anything except the baby.  Take walks if you can.  Get some help.  Eat healthy food divided into 5-6 meals.

Suhasini Vinod

All moms have rightly told to take help. don't burden urself. do Lil chores n don't lift weight. this is the time to rest n relax, later ur baby will keep u on ur toes ;)

Ankita Popli

after c sec u need to take rest for at least 2 months.do not bend more, lift heavy weight and eat oily and heavy food.consume jeera and ajwine water for healing and increasing it milk quantity. try to avoid house hold works with in that time.there isn't any hurry for that, it health comes first.all the best..

Sonika Singh

thank you  Priya Door for tag me...yes dear wait till 6 months  yes do walking..rest and relax..

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