my baby cries from 10:30 to 1am. I had pampered him by different diff. ways but still.  dont abke to understand he feels hot or cold. dont know. what to do.

Harpreet Kaur

if he cries continuously then may b he faces colic. have you checked his tummy? is it hard or soft?


Hi Tanushree! I always asked my pediatrcian why baby cries mostly- for hunger, comfort. If even after feed if stilk baby is crying baby may be colicy. Ensure you burp baby well after feed and place baby upright after feed. Just check it seems if this is a daily routine baby might be colic. Its very common  but check with pediatrcian before you give gripe water or colic aid. My mother applied hing paste (with water) on the naval of the tummy some times. It helped

Sonika Singh

Hi tasushree. if baby cry continuously...it may be colic problem..

Neha Gupta

I agree with Harpreet baby ko problems ho rahi hogi Colic ke wajhe se

asha chaudhry

hi tanushree - as priya suggests a hing paste around navel helps release gas for sure! tc!

asha chaudhry

also pls chk out 4 effective tips to calm down a baby troubled with colic!

Rashna Bhadesia

sometimes when nothing works a long drive works.

Kaushal Sovani

Dear @Tanushree Agrawal
Babies cry. It's their only way of communicating. They could cry if they are hungry, sleepy  or they just want to be close to u. You need to find the reason for his crying. He would be feeling hot or cold or in pain.  Best speak to the pediatrician and find out.
Research shows babies cry and more towards evening time due to colic.
Apart from the medication prescribed, burp the baby properly,  try tummy time.
Carrying the baby upright too helps in digestion due to gravity assisted position.
Another thing you could try is BabyWearing.  Research  shows that BabyWearing  for 3 hrs a day reduces infant crying by 43% overall and reduces crying by 54% in the evening  hrs.
You can start Babywearing from the day the baby is born.  Ergonomically designed carriers provide enough back and head support for the newborns.
Best Wishes!!!

Ashika Imthiyaz

baby s colicy means... baby finds its a new place so he might be afraid of new places.. when baby s not hungry nd given proper tummy time.. after trying enough purbs.. and at particular time he s crying more than half an hour.. then oly v can say it's a colicy.. as the baby s too small.. v shud make him comfortable to this world by some soothing techniques.. I it's bit tricky.. hugging singing lullabies talking to babies swaddling, keeping baby upstraight fa some time, walking inside the home by holding baby..all some techniques.sometimes even a hair dryer sound can make ur baby calm . many babies love all techniques.. u r the mother which one S suitable to make ur baby soothing by trying all.. mostly mothers do crying while baby cry.. definitely u shud not cry r nervous when ur baby cries..keep urself calm.. nd try to make ur baby calm.. I👍

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