Is it that a woman who has delivered should put cotton in her ears, wear a scarf, socks,should go in water that much etc etc.
The reason I'm asking is that my mil,husband's n other elders tell me to wear all this though I'm wearing socks n have put cotton in ears but I'm not wearing scarf coz I sweat in head normally n by wearing scarf it only increases.
Plus post delivery I'm all sweaty n feel hot but can't keep the fan on speed as per the elders that going ahead in life as I grow old il face issues..
Plz provide so guidance on the same...

No No no. It's not required. However you feel comfortable you can get dressed up that way. Hormones still fluctuates, so perspiration is a bit uneasy thing. So do as you feel. No worries

Suno sbki kro dil ki...
Gram pani with ajwayin jarur piyo...
M toh delivery vale din hospital m ac on krwayi thi,,
Aap lucky ho winter h thoda bahut wear kr sakte ho morning time m

Dear you had a c section and even in normal one it's not necessary to sweat oneself out..people say this so that the new mom keeps herself warm..but doesn't mean to cover and in a comfortable temperature..have healthy diet and yes warm water specially infused with ajwain helps in Breastfeeding and loose belly fat..

no dear Krutika Gor .. I had c-sec and I had to face the same situation ..people says so bcoz they though if we not cover up then in our older days we might face pain issues in body.. but I think this is just a myth..u should remain warm this is the main thing u don't need to cover urself.. during my post delivery days I kept my fan on but at slow speed. .actually m lucky my MIL also don't believe in covering ND all.. 😀

You do what is comfortable for you and the baby.

Wearing scarf because mothers hair should not fall may be it harm to small baby... It was elders theory
But it is depends up to you to follow or not
It is not complusry

Krutika GorMy sister has delivered by c sec 2 years back in june but there was nothing like tat!
Wear loose clothes and I remember I sleep wit her in same room and we put ac too for sometime by covering baby😉

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