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Little confuse regarding breast feeding I am a new mom to 9 months old baby but still it's very confusing for me in continuing breast feeding. Sometimes it's so painful to feed. So I was wondering to use breast pump. Are breast pump really beneficial?

Revauthi Rajamani kindly help

Dr. Riddhi Kataria please help her

It is due to improper latching position. Make a comfortable feeding position and Get his/her mouth to open wide and push your nipples till your areolas are in his/her mouth. This will give your baby better reach to latch and avoid hurting your nipples. As of now you can apply coconut oil or chamomile cream to ease your pain.
Most babies tend to bite at the end of a feeding session when they are almost full. They might just want to play around and gnaw at your nipples. When your baby bites, pull her off the breast and put it down. Do this every time she bites. your baby is not latched onto your breast correctly, it is likely to bite your breast during feeding sessions. When your baby is teething, the irritation in its gums makes her want to chomp on anything that she can put into her mouth.