What should i give to my 7 month baby

Food chart
First start with semi solid foods. Give your baby ragi or rice porridge. Make it a bit watery in the beginning and then gradually harden. Give dal water, rice water, fruit puree, rice and carrot finely mashed, carrot puree, apple puree. Give a few teaspoons of this in the beginning. Even 2-3 teaspoons in the beginning is good.

Start with one semi solid meal at a time. This means that you will be eliminating only one breast feed at a time as BM is still the chief source of nutrition to the baby.

Restrict the use of salt and sugar. you can use just a pinch wherever required. You can use jaggery instead of sugar. Much healthier for babies.

Give a few sips of water after every meal. Just about 2-3 teaspoons to start off with.

Feed once a day in the beginning. Then gradually increase. Try different foods and see what suits your baby the best.

Also rice cerelac is easy to digest and there us no fear of any allergies. introduce all new foods at day time in the morning. its safer to know how the body reacts.

Still continue on breast milk a few times a day as it is still the best and safest form of nutrition for your baby. Introduce only one new food at a time so that if any allergy you know what caused it.

Ensure nutrients are not lost in preparation of food ....steaming is better than boiling.

At 9 months plus 50% of the nutrition must be from solids and the remaining 50% from breast milk.

Give cow's milk only after completion of 1 year.Cow's milk contains proteins that your baby is unable to digest in the first year.

At 12 months plus baby must have 4-5 solids meals and the rest should be breast milk.

Don't give honey to child less than 1 year.

U can give homemade cerelac
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