Hieee friends, is it good to make home made cerelac for 6 month old??

If yes then wt should i mix water or milk?

Yes always good.. Instant Homemade Cerelac
help na Taheseen Asif

Yes it's good.. For 6 month baby give one ingredient cerelac at first with Luke warm water or fm.
Check this helpful for u
Homemade cereals for 6 month + baby

Wow Parul, baby is 6 months old already :))

Congratulations on weaning baby dear.. homemade one is good.. initially start with boiled and cooled water mixing so it's easy to digest and later you can use milk

Once baby is about 8-9 months old you can make Panjiri and make ladoos out of it Panjiri Ladoo Recipe: this is very good for teething, bone and muscle development

Hey yes dear you can..tey the recipes shared ...

Thank you so much ladies

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