Q: 30 days old baby has sevee gas trouble.he is on both breastfeed nd formula milk..plz suggest some home remedies as doctor has prescribed medications but still hv d same problem

The baby is too small to follow any home remedies. Please meet your pediatrician as you are feeding formula also. Try to feed exclusive breastmilk until six months. Tc

Yes parul please meet ur paediatrician and inform him about the same. Honestly nothing should be given orally to the child coz he is too small but one home remedy could be to make a potli of carom seeds (ajwain), warm it up a bit and give a hot compress on the baby's stomach.. other than that I wouldn't suggest any other home remedy.. n yes plz do not get scared as new borns tend to have a little gas during their initial days

Please keep reducing formula milk and start breastfeeding exclusively.

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