My baby is on exclusive breastfeeding since 4 days. Since then he is doing poop everytime, even while passing gas , he passes few drops of poop. What to do?

Yes absolutely normal if the baby is on exclusive breastfeeding.

When will this poop session come to an end?

Congrats for new born.
Yes it's normal for breastfeeding baby

Thank you Rashmi Choudhury. When will it stop?

He was on formula feed for 17 days. He is 21 days old now.

Breastfeeding babies do that..try to have curd and ajwain in your diet..hope you are not taking too many hot taseer things..also once check for to doctor once..

It will settle as the baby grows, ideally between four to six months. Don't worry. It's a phase
Do tag me if you need any further information

Aditi Ahuja curd is not given in post partum phase in our family.
My mil give me plain food, dalia, milk, goond ladoo

Revauthi Rajamani ok, will sure tag you if i need any further help.
Hope this phase get over soon.

Chill. It happens.. Tc

Ok dear...hope it gets over soon..

Absolutely normal and congratulations for the exclusively breast feeding your baby, Continue doing it.

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