My baby is refusing to drink from the bottle, but I am returning to work on Monday. What do I do to make him feed from the bottle?

Revauthi Rajamani kindly help

The option is don't force feed. Wait for an Interval of three hours. When the baby is ready and hungry do offer bottle. Check the nipple if the milk flow is perfect. Let it not be like they gulp excess. Try, relax, patience is important. TC.
Do tag me if you need any further information.

Please read this article by Nancy How To Introduce Feeding Bottle To Your Baby

Hi mommy
Please dont force ur baby
Baby was used to feeding. Slowly make a change...
Once baby is hungry give bottle
All d best

Thank you so much mom's. I realized he was not happy with the type of formula so now I've changed to another type of formula and he is receiving the bottle.

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