Can a 9 days old baby get colicky??

Last night from around 9.30pm till 3.30 am today mrng my baby was crying , uneasy, hiclupking n shivering.

Applied hing on his stomach as well,he passed his motion n urine well.

Yes possible. If they suck excess air instead of milk. Feed only for twenty minutes ten minutes each side of the breast. Burp your baby after every feed well and don't put the baby flat on the bed immediately after feeding. Also read my feedpost it will hell you understand better
If not settling please meet your pediatrician

Yes it can be..but if shivering is happening too then show to doctor..

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Yes it's happen with new born also.
Check with doctor once.
Feed baby may be due to hunger baby cried some time

Revauthi Rajamani Aditi Ahuja AMRITA MALLIK Rashmi Choudhury had fed him at 9.30 n then again was cranky so fed once more at around 10.30. still was crying badly. Tried feeding around 1.30 once more but in vain.
Applied hing on stomach as well. Called up the paed he said it happens n asked us to burp him for 1 hr in such situation. Then One of my frnd suggested to give colic acid drops. So finally early Mrng gave it now he is a lil calm. But then how many times to give the colic acid drops???

Krutika Gor you can give colic aid whenever you feel bby is having colic .and it happens with the new born sometimes they cry like this for no reason also

Mrs. Chhoker okie dear. Thank u..

Krutika Gor it happens wid newborns don't worry. .it is bcoz of colic.. burp him well after every feed and I suggest u to plz avoid gaseous food in ur diet plz.. applying hing on navel is best treatment for colic in newborns. .and u too plz take ajwain water after meals..

I guessed it's colic only as my daughter did the same..colicaid is one and even colimax is there..I remember carrying it everywhere I went as a colic episode can happen anywhere..anytime...avoid gassy food in your diet and include ajwain and warm water..

Thank all so much yes I'm taking ajwain water and also sauf which contains roasted ajwain, suva etc.. plus eating normal sabzi, roti, dal n rice along with shatawri powder sheera, Soup etc. Serious last night was one of a kind n I had panicked don't know to what extent.. just couldn't see him like this.

I have tried both colic aid and colimax. I felt that colimex works better than colic aid. But the medicine shops have 2 3 types of colimex like one is only colimex which has dicycloimine and simethicone and other is colimex df+ which has only simethicone. The first one works better as dicycloimine works very fast.