M in confusion ...had my first IUI on 15 Nov today I checkd it's positive but my concern is

- aftr 15-16 days of iui cn gt correct result

- one of my gyn dr.says my left tube is may b not patent orr not satisfactory x-ray aftr HSG ..and my other one says is normal

- still I checked my pregnancy in the morning it's positive ....

Plz solve my confusion .... It can happen or not

Dr. Shilpitha Shanthappa plz

I am waiting and thank u for concern Revauthi Rajamani for tagging a doctor

Please hold.. Our expert will answer. If you have any reports please post them here

Sure My age is 34 n this is my HSG x-ray today's morning I checked thru UPT which I posted above

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Are you taking progesterone tablet?

Yes Rebecca Prakash after nxt day of iui progestrone 200 with ecosprin 75 .... It's because of progesterone or what .... M confuse now pregnant or not ....

Go for a urine test to get a clear picture of pregnancy n also you can try checking at home with a clear blue kind of digital pregnancy test kit. These digital pregnancy kits show the correct results n normally don't show a fake result n if still in doubt get in touch with your gyanocologist n go for USG. Cheers!

@Priyanka already mention my UPT result pic thn y should I go for same ...I guess u didn't get my question

Please hold you will be reverted... I hv tagged you to a doctor.

Ok Revauthi Rajamani m.waiting now

Check your beta HCG level and after 2 weeks of missed period you can go for one ultrasound to check the fetal cardiac activity

Dr. Shilpitha Shanthappa My dates r not fixed coz of pcod hv to take HT for my dates.... So when i check my (LMP 4th November.) Is progesterone effect UPT test ... Is this possible UPT shows positive coz of progesterone as shown above my UPT TEST PIC