Hi..my 4 yr old lavanya is having severe hairfall...m using mamaearth shampoo n coconut oil for her....n washes her hair after 1 or 2 days ...she has below shoulder length hair...plz help me wat to do...do i need to shorten her hair?
Or sumthng else ?

Priya Sood khushboo chauhan Swati Upadhyay

Kavita Sahany Revauthi Rajamani

Use coconut oil for massage. Try using Johnson and johnson kids shampoo. You really don't have to shorten it. Help her eat healthy foods, include all varieties of veggies and fruits. Don't try Braids, ponytails and barrettes tied too tight. Don't comb wet hair. Deficiency of vit a n zinc could also be a reason. Meet your pediatrician and take suggestions too.

Thanku Revauthi Rajamani

i also use mamaearth shampoo n its hair oil too very good growth of her hairs mamaearth products are natural n safe for babies in my pt of view u can cut her hairs as not to maintain too much care it will be easy to carry for her n u too less risk of lice will be also in short hairs