Dr I am working as staff nurse. I had sinus problem from 3 years. Continues sneezing as well as nose soaring problem. Now I am pregnant (13 week) Govt dr precribed Montek lc Tab and hot water steam with lnhalade drop. But it no use. No effect from this. Dr please tell what to do?

During pregnancy you cant take any medications without doctor's consultation. I think you know it better. Please talk to your doctor again.

Hi I have also same problem(my previous dr also prescribed me same tab.tht time I was not pregnant)but some days ago I asked my dr and she prescribed me zyrtec tab.but dear best way u ask ur gync.they will suggest u best.

Before pregnancy i was using montilife by dr advice which is full effective. But dr said stop after pregnancy. No night sleep with sneezing, nose soaring. 😭

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