I'm not feeling hungry many a times. I heard pregnancy women will eat during midnight as well. But I don't feel anything like that. My tummy is not showing like I'm pregnant. Only thing is, thin line above naval and vomitting sometimes. Is it normal?

Priya Sood

Hi. Every case is different. Just ensure that you get the right nutrition bcoz that is very important. Drink lots of juices and read the many useful articles on the app for guidance.
Any other input Jai shri, Ashika Imthiyaz? Tag fwd

Macdalin Suresh Andrew

yes its normal.. not every pergencey are same..  after seven months u started to eat more..  till my six months pregnant same as u said i too feel th same.. now am six ad half month Pergeneat now only start to feel hunger. so dnt worry its normal..

Nasreen Mansoor

Hey Revkrishna, every pregnancy is different.. Don't worry ur baby bump wil start getting visible in coming weeks.. I still feel damn hungry ,I'm gonna get into my 7th mnth, this hunger feel started during the initial days of my pregnancy n still its continuing..n vomiting was till 5th.. n my frnd is also pregnant bt she doesn't seem like she is..she use to do all household cores by herself..doesnt hav nausea,giddines,nthng..she is being so normal..bt its totally opposite in my case.. bt im getting easily tired every now n then so dun wry.. every momma is diff.. b happy Eat healthy n nutritional content foods..take lots of water n other fluids..keep urslf hydrated n make sure both u n ur baby are happy n healthy..happy pregnancy

Ashika Imthiyaz

hi rezkrishna... just enjoy each and every moment... I was like what u feel now... as priya said every case S different.... v just moved to another place fa delivery.. so v went to one hospital to enquire about admitting details.. it's just before one week of due.. there receptionist thinking of am coming fa consulting to get pregnant.. I said.. no am near to my due.. so my point S.. if u feel any discomfort jus enjoy dear.. pregnancy is not at all shud b treated lika disease...have a blastful pregnany ahead 👍

vanita s

hey. I used to not feel extra hungry during my time. ppl used to say one has to eat for 2..but I ate my normal pre pregnancy intake all through my pregnancy just healthier😊. I gave birth to a healthy baby. So don't stress be happy...eat wat u like. All the best


Tummy generally comes out after 5month, though it do depends on body types which differ from person to person.In start mostly it's bloating which gives an impression of bulge tummy.
Regarding hunger, eat small meals even when your are not hungry, take almost 6 small meals a day, with a gap of 2-3hrs max.It's normal to not feel hungry as your uterus is expanding and stomach is going up with less space now.
Do consider that even if you don't feel hungry, you have to eat for the baby.Just do not starve yourself for too long.
Happy Motherhood Ride :)

Neeta Nihale

hii.. as all mommies says every pregnancy is different..  i too didnt feel.like eating too much.. eating at midnight happened few times, you too gonna feel that as you have alot of time .. as its summer so you can feel a low apetite.. but doesn't mean you can skip your meals.. eat properly... after every 4 hrs.. fruits salad chapatis rice curd sprouts dryfruits etc.. all in managable quantities.. stay hydrated..

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