Hello my daughter is 22 months old but her weight is only 9 kg n height is also not increasing..what should I give her to eat n which syrup should I use in milk in order to make her drink.Also suggest which milk should I give her as we are in London. She doesn't like to eat food..I really don't know what to do.Please suggest.

You can give the normal cow's milk in diluted form. If the kid does not like it plain make it interesting by adding fruits to it as milk shakes. Get your baby checked for worms if required deworming can be done with your pediatrician's approval. Will tag an article to help you out.
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Dear try to make make meal times interesting by eating with the kid and also you can tell her story and make her interested in eating..keep gap between meals and milk and also try that child has physical activity which increases appetite..try new in a week for breakfast you can offer veggie idlis, besan or sooji cheela, stuffed paratha, sandwich etc..milk products like paneer, dahi help..also you can make her milk healthier by adding dates and elaichi powder or even powdered nuts, kesar and elaichi powder.. explore recipes on the app..they are very helpful

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