Mere baby Ko bahot jyada cough huwa he to use kya du jaldi thik krne k liye?..use bhot taklif ho rhi he..

Hello baby is too small for home remedies, Did you show it to the doctor?; The following things may ease the baby but the medicines will alone cure the cold and cough. 1. Ajwain seek will help you. Keep the roasted ajwain potli under the baby's pillow.
2. Steam will also help in clear the cold and help the baby to take feed.
3. Keep the baby's head in elevated position and feed. Use nasaline drops few mins before the feed.
4. Heat mustard oil and add ajwain, massage baby's chest and back but make sure you don't apply on face.
5. Heat coconut oil and add camphor apply on baby's chest and back, not on face.
6.You can apply little lavender oil on his/her blanket, pillow and bed. Take care of the baby, Keep breastfeeding the baby.

Aap baby ko sarso k tel me ajwainz lehsun daal k paka k us tel se maalish karo.
Bachche ko garam soup pilao jisme thoda kaai mirch aur lehsun daalo.
Aap thoda nilgiri tel bed ya takiye par lagaye...
Tulsi k patte ko paani me ubaal ke wo paani do...
Aap doctor ko dikhaa ke dwa le lo

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