Hiii...I m 28 weeks pregnant and my hb goes down in every visit to doctor instead of having lots of fruits daily....due to this I have to face the problem of palpitation...what else can I do to increase my hb level?

Hi dear. Thoda HB level Pregnancy m kam.ho Jata h..bt required level maintain krna bahut jaruri h.
It's not about eating fruits,, u have to take iron rich food too.
Raat m kishmish bigaye aur suahh uthke uska Pani piye ..
Chukander tamatar ka juice piye. .
Roasted chana aur gurh khaye.
Brocolli ..
Anjeer ..
Palak .
Kale chane ...
Ye SAB diet m include kre.

Stay positive. Will tag an article to help you out. Please read
Iron Deficiency During Pregnancy That Could Hamper Foetal Growth

Hb is one important factor which is needed in Pregnancy..I started with HB of 7.2 and quality diet helped me..green leafy Vegetables, dry figs with milk, rajma, dates, juice of orange, pomegranate, beetroots and Carrots helped me raise the levels to 9

As 3 month of your pregnancy passed you should take iron tablets after consulting a doctor