hy mera baby 1 7 month mera milk feed k alawa kuch nhi khata so plyz help me

Hi mommy Toddlers are fussy eaters. Try to make their plate colourful. Make use of all ur art skill to draw something r shape their food on plate with Moulds. This will make a difference. Let the kid eat herself, let it be messy, they always like to feel the texture, let them feel it and eat it. This methid appreciates most of the kids eat at least half the portion of their food. There is a trick, if they are sweet toothed, add a little more of strawberry puree, sweet potato purees on their plated food. Try to speak, recite some poems, listen to music. Distract them when they are fussy. Give them finger foods paneer fingers, cheese veggie cutlets, boiled carrots etc The rule is feed them on demand, . Feed him new set of food one at a time in small amounts only instead of serving a heavy meal. Do not give him sugary foods an hour before meal or during snack time.