Can I go for long journey in car

How many weeks pregnant r u

Hi its better to check with your doctor and decide, she knows your pregnancy well. While travelling do take lot of breaks.

Ok.thank you.tmrw I will meet doctor

If possible take a train journey..also ask your doctor once..Indian roads are bumpy so take care if you decide for it..carry your food and water..take care when using public toilets..take all your medication..go slow and carefully with breaks and also carry a cushion for back support

Just confused to go or not. will I harm to baby

U first talk to Ur doc. Tell her about Ur journey time. If there is no complications, u can travel whike taking precautions and care. Such second trimester trimester is safe for travelling. .
If u r going by car.. be slow avoid jerks and bumps. .
Carry snacks water and other essential.
Take breaks in between. .
Carry pillow for proper support. .

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