hi all, I have sore nipples and it pains so badly every time when I feed my baby. even after feeding it pains lot. I tried NIP CARE but it didn't worked. I applied coconut oil too but not much effective. Can someone suggest me some other ointment or cream that gives good result. Thanks in advance!

rub ur breast milk to nipple it vl relief u

thanks ragaveni! I'll try this one

It is essential that the baby's latch and position is correct. If latch and or position are not right then this can result in painful nipples. The baby's mouth should be wide open with the lips flanged out and a major portion of the areola in the mouth.

:( Sonali I think my baby is not latching properly. He opens his mouth wide initially but when I place my nip, he just shortens his mouth and takes only the nipple in his mouth. I even tried by seeing YouTube for proper latch. But I couldn't make my baby to latch properly. What should I do?

even I tried I got ultimate relief from Palmer's cocoa butter formula nursing's available on first cry website

moreover it do not harm baby if u feed him after applying it

thx Amandeep Kaur. I'll check it out

You can try the moms co nipple butter cream. Which is of totally natural ingredients. It helps to get rid of cracked and sore nipple's . Even it is also safe during breast feeding.

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