Hello everyone, wanted to share with you all that I have stepped in 27weeks of my pregnancy, I am concerned with two specific things agar aap log thori si suggestions de sako . My first pregnancy , I am tall now my weight is 86kgs ,when I wear tight fitted clothes then only my bump is visible little bit or else nobody can guess I am pregnant.

Secondly,baby have started moving from 24weeks but now those movements are not very strong. But I can feel them,and it's not that there is no movements.

Is it something to worry?

Your bump does not decide your baby’s health. If the scans are normal please don't worry about it.
Secondly, keep a watch on baby’s movements, ten to twelve movements per day.
TC. Do tag me if you need any further information

Bump is not an issue dear if baby is fine as per doctor.myes for movements keep tracking and if you find something abnormal or very low show to doctor

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