Meri beti 8 month ki hai or vo raat ko thik se soti nhi bhut zyada roti hai bich mein bar bar uthti hai or rone lg jati hai aisa kyun krti hai or hnein kya krna chahiye

Raat ko dinner maine kuch heavy den...aur evening hours maine zada na sulayen..khelne den

Feed your baby solids around eight in the evening, then milk around 9.30pm and then put your kid to sleep. Cut down on evening nap. Also if he wakes up in between in the night offer water for few days. This will initially be difficult but gradually set a sleeping pattern. Dim the lights at night, don't talk loudly when the baby gets up in between but cuddle your kid and put him back to sleep. Cut down on evening nap, divert him, take him for a walk, park.. It will make him tired and will sleep better.

Thanks for giving me best answers