hi moms

I am Dolly. I having right side abdominal pain little bit and gastic problem.can u suggest me any solution. and is it safe to eat Maggie am 5weeks pregnant.

if pregnant only ask the doctor for any problems
coz u can't risk the child
and maggi is acidic so if stomach pain or any thing call a doctor

as of now I would to recommend please avoid Maggie and any junk food during in pregnancy

Abdominal pain which comes and goes on a regular interval should be shown to the doctor. At times it may also be a little gas or bloating feeling which is caused due to the shift in hormones. If it is a more constant kind of discomfort then it will need a dietary evaluation to ensure that you are eating right for this stage of pregnancy.

Maggi is a processed food and all processed foods have a lot of sodium. Hence as limited as possible is recommended for pregnancy.

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