1. Aries Sun-signs /Mesha Rashi

(Aries - March 21st - April 20th )

Aries is the Fiery Sign first among Zodiac signs ruled by Planet Mars (Mangala). This very first line have given an idea of whom you are dealing with, I guess. They are the Boss at home and do anything constantly to get attention. They will keepon calling you till they get attended. Most of the Arians are aggressive, strong, active, energetic in their lean or little body. you can not force feed them until its their favourite dish. They will be choosy in everything. Even the baby girls are very direct, strong in their actions with fierce determination...especially April - born. April month is represented by Metal Iron and Stone is Diamond. You can imagine you are dealing with hardest thing in the world.  They will be so determined. If encouraged in right way with love, they are assets to not just to their family but for society as wel. They achieve their milestones sooner than other kids. They dont like the word "No". It will disturb them. They are the most curious beings and want lengthy explanation for everything. Even after growing-up, they will be still like toddler in their behaviour...Same energy and same curiosity. Due to their curious nature, they will be in troubles more often. Discipline should be started quite early. Be careful about heavy objects, hot water,knives and scissors. Most of the arians will have a scar on fore-head or eyebrows due to fall or hit. They should avoid any kind of wound or itching, as their skin leaves scar and take time to heal. Teething time will be difficult for them. These beings are very emotional, affectionate and get upset on little things. They are very direct in thei words. They will become angry soon, it wont stay for long. One thing they dont like is waiting and they will be very impatient even for surprises. They usually share their toys with others if they are sweet to them and wont hurt them. Always someone should keep an eye on their studies. Usually they neglect to do home-work or projects. Make sure to visit their schools and take a report on their development. They are quick learner with strong memory but show laziness in academics. They usually start earning soon. Any technical or challenging field will be good for them. Once started earning, they will be serious towards life. Very independent, hardworking and dedicated. Never destroy their confidence, challenge their ego and make them wait. They will be broken if they know they are hated /disliked. Dont give orders to them, rather ask with cheerful smile...they will do anything. Praise this kid and keep busy, things will be smooth.

Some popular arians are :- Hitler, Charlie chaplin, Lady Gaga, Leonardo, jackie chan. ( many are not so strong build, but made a remarkable place in their profession like no other.)

Favourable color - Red, orange, golden, yellow.

Favourable number - 1,3,9

Favourable day - Sunday, tuesday and thursday

Note:- Characters will differ slightly if moon sign/ lagna is strong and of different sign.

Sheeba Vijesh Dhara Popat Dr.Shilpitha Shanthappa asha chaudhry Sonam Patel #tagfwd

Dr. Payal M , aditi trikha, Jai shri

WoW... great explanation got till date... thank u roopa..
tag fwd # Gayatri Rao Prithvi Balaji

Thanks a lot Dr.Shilpitha Shanthappa

I am an Arian and I am showing this to my parents ;)

my hubby is an arian!!! this has many of his characteristics... aditi manja Rakhi Puri radhi anand

Roopashree Siddireddy thanks for the wonderful detailing... thanks for the tagSheeba Vijesh..... waiting for other sogns

Sheeba Vijesh thanks for the tag :-) quite an interesting read Roopashree Siddireddy

My Sunsign -Cancer ,
Moonsign - Libra,
Lagan - Leo
I observed my personality is overall bended more on my Sunsign.
I have a ques, when a child is born, can one predict by seeing kundali what will influence the child personality more in his/her future-  sun sign, moonsign or lagna ?

Thank you all..
Thanks Sheeba Vijesh, aditi manja, Rakhi Puri , Gayatri Rao, Priya Sood and Dr.Shilpitha Shanthappa

Varsha Yes seeing kundali we can say by planetary positions that which one is strong and from which we have to consider. As each have its own way of expressing.. Sun-signs is the soul, personality. moon sign is the Inner- you, The emotional being. Lagna is the ppl see you as or how you present yourself to the world.
Yours is a lovely combination. Sun-signs being cancer.... emotional person, soft, artistic, charming.. Lagna - simha... stubborn, aggressive, never want to give up and moonsign - libra... the balance.. wants everything in a balanced way. All three will have influence. According to dasa - bhukthi, their results you reap.

Sheeba Vijesh thank you for the tag dear 😚😚

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