what learning and play activities should we introduce at 3 mnths..? my baby is active after feed she wants to play and keeps moving her hands and legs for sometime and thn she sleeps..

try to make her laugh with your activities, pick a boo with Dupatta or any clothing, talk to her as much you can as my baby used to respond when we were talking she even said her first word paaaapaaa at 3 months....

Kuhoo Gupta can you please assist?

At this age i would suggest just play with baby using lots of sound. Play hide and seek. Read to her. 

hi..sing sum rhymes or song..hide your face with dupatta..or close with your hand then open enjoy this game

Well do very simple things with your baby. Use rattles to play with her

Clap from different angles of the cot and see how she responds. Do not get worried if she doesn't btw.

You can also try to place empty cardboard boxes or empty boxes and play drums with them and see your baby enjoy it. You can make your baby sit on your lap and play the drums along with a song.

You can also try Telephone talk with your baby. You hold one dummy telephone and put one on her ear and talk to her.

Play a lot of music. Leave her on her tummy on a mat on the floor. You can also hang black and white patterns on paper and hang on the ceiling. Offer sensory experiences like a dupatta,a cotton cloth, a woolen mitten etc...

lots of talking ... description of everything you do like mumma is applying oil to your body, mumma will now give you bath, see the sky up there, listen the birds chirping. every stupid thing. this is a sensitive period (Montessori) of language.
give lots of other sensory inputs like outdoor.. air water etc. play mantras and indian classical music to her, specially when she is sleeping.

cuddle and lots of kisses

and you can follow my article series on babychakra where I list month wise activities to do with your child starting 6 months

articles are named
how to develop your baby's brain

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How to Develop Your Child's Brain: 6 Months Rachana Govekar here you go with the article
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