My son is 2. 5 year old, he is still habitual of mother feed. It is effecting health of mother. Please suggest few tips to remove this habit of mother milk.

Weaning the baby from breastfeeding is not an easy thing to do. A sudden wean can be upsetting for the child. Slower the weaning occurs, the more time your child gets to adapt to the change easily. The rule is be patient and consistent.
Here are five simple tips to wean your baby off the breastfeeding
Try to shorten the time span of the feeds, for example of you are regularly feeding for ten minutes, shortening it to five minutes initially will help.
Offer bottles or sipper cups of their choice and look for the reaction for acceptance.
Gradually reduce the day feeds. Try to omit one breastfeeding session a week probably the most inconvenient feeding for you or the one your baby is least interested in.
If you want your baby to detach from the habit of breastfeeding in the night time, Make the kid avoid short naps in the day. Try to distract and make them play. So when they become tired they peacefully sleep all night without in between feeds
For a while, sleep in a separate bed close to the baby. I know it is difficult to accept but try to ask your hubby or whoever your baby is comfortable with to put her or him to sleep for two or three days, I'm sure this will help but you really need to be a cold duck, but it works for working mom's especially when they can afford to take off a weekend end break.
This complete weaning process will take time and you need to be persistent to see results.

Sachin totally understandable and your wife is definitely great, need appreciation for breastfeeding till now. Please be gentle in weaning and the only person who can help in this is you. Stop night feed little by little, if he is getting up early morning for milk take him to the other room. In short you put him to sleep slowly. Don't follow any of the harsh method like rubbing something on the breast etc. Your child health will be good.

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