Q: Whatever the mother do for her child she has to face criticism from everyone-from in-laws, her own parents, relatives about parenting style. It's from my experience and I am hurt. What about you all. How true it is to you? Do any of you experienced the same? How to handle it without letting relationships spoil?

Roopashree Siddireddy

Just hear and be calm.Ignore. If something good..take it. If you feel..it's not, leave it. Everyone will be concerned about kid.

asha chaudhry

there is a saying in hindi - suno sabki, karo apne mann ki :) pls filter out negative things and feel free to take advice from other moms here. stay positive and enjoy this baby phase :) Roopashree Siddireddy Sheeba Rizvi #tagfwd

asha chaudhry

ooops Roopashree Siddireddy has already promptly answered! u r superwoman!!! tagging moresuperwomen :) Preetjyot Kaur(mylittlemuffin) Prisha Lalwani :)


Dear, first you need to understand that whosoever (in-laws, relatives) giving you advice loves your child too.So, they really care.
Secondly, it's just a difference in perspectives, somewhat like- if I ask you what makes a human being happy ? There would be different answers and all correct from their point of views.
If possible let them know calmly why u choose a certain parenting style, if they understand good and while many won't than give them assurance that you will try their parenting style too to see what work best for the kid.
And The problem you are facing is not new and too common, specially in joint families.Clashing of opinions is something inevitable and one need to balance this out calmly. Take special care that one's kid do not get influence by it at all !

Preetjyot Kaur(mylittlemuffin)

Thanks for the tag asha Chaudhry ❤️❤️.. It seems this post was posted twice by mistake... I answered d other one... N pasting what I replied there 😊...
I second u Charu Sareen Gujjal  n Priya Sood...
Parenting isn't a race,  it's about embracing every moment and love n care... Each parent does the best to their capabilities...
I have received some really mean comments from ppl in the family and even from ppl walking on the road...
I have broken all d possible stereotypes of parenting and have seen ppl rolling their eyes... But for all I care...
I have never put a kala teeka on my girls, n I know for sure,  that for a superstitious thing like this I had to fight the world to make a point that Wat I was doing was right...
What matters is that in ur heart u have to HAVE TO believe u r doing ur best,  and that's what matters... I have invented a sarcastic smile for such ppl... I give them that and say nothing now and move on n keep doing what I want to...
Give a deaf ear girl...

Roopashree Siddireddy

asha chaudhry ha ha .. thanks.

rekha sagar

preetjyot kaur....it was me wjom u replied earlier..this time there is someone else... I didn't ask it again😀

Preetjyot Kaur(mylittlemuffin)

rekha Sagar my bad😀😀... Similar question made me feel that I already replied

Anum Abbas

my mother in law is never happy with me. she always need an excuse to speak about me. And now after my lil baby she is having another big reason.  All the time she chats with others about me  that I am not a good mother. don't take care of my child. bla bla.....😐

Sikha Agarwal

very well said varsha

Radha priya

dnt spoil relationships... it will affect urs n ur child  mental  health..... handle the situation  calmly... tk help of trusted  hands
n do wht suits ur child silently

Rhituparna Mitra

I faced this multiple times. Here's what I did - 5 Pieces of Traditional Advice I learnt to Work Around

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