hi moms.. my baby girl is 14 months old.. how can i teach to recognise fruits n vegetables ...

I believe they all learn at their pace.. In my opinion, 14 months is a tad early.. my boys picked it up by 3 yrs age

hi Rachita.. please go through article how To Develop Your child Brain 8months by Kuhoo Gupta

You can start reading out to babies as young as 8 months old. But here repetition is the key... use the same book and same tone of voice when showing the fruits and vegetables from books. At 10 months both my kids could point out objects from their books even if they couldn't talk. Systematic reading out to them is very effective. 

thank u moms for your peompt reply... Sonika Singh can u plz share d link with me for d same

rachuta best way to teach is thru doing . take your baby to the market and point our the different fruits and veggies.  also when ur in the kitchen show her what you use and let her touch and feel it . it registers faster and better with them