hi mommies,  my baby is having heavy cough n cold from yesterday,  i m really worried whn she cough,  she is struggling. went to doctor yesterday but he told 5 to 6 days take to revover from cough.., pls suggest me how i can take care of her.m, 😢😢

Neha Gupta

please visit to doctor first....don't try home remedies

Sonam patel

doctor might have prescribed you medicines.. just give them properly.. for nose blockage use saline nasal drops.. let your baby sleep whenever she wants.. nothing much can b done for small babies.. just wait fir the medicines to work..

Arwa Hozefa

I'm facing the same thing . put ajwain potli next to baby and also warm and put on chest and back . try putting it baby head higher so the coughing is minimal .

Sonika Singh

hello Jai Shri...go what doctor prescribed medicines..give on time..On tawa roast ajwain make potli keep next to baby she will feel better...

asha chaudhry

hey jai shri be sure to keep head elevated while sleeping. tc

asha chaudhry

Sheeba Vijesh pls advise! #tagfwd

Gayatri Rao

Hi Jayshri! When my babies were little and even now I find steaming an effective and safer option when they have cough and cold. With baby as young as yours you may have to hold the baby and use the steamer. It provides relief. Wishing your baby a speedy recovery :)

Nisha Dayal

Apply some  Eucalyptus oil on the  chest,  back and  ribs.  It helps

Neha Rungta

Steam is best for little babies provided you give it to them from a safe distance. I have also tried roasting carrot seeds and stuffing them in a handkerchief and making a potli out of it. Bring it close to your baby's nose and let her or him inhale the minty smell. Keep this potli next to the baby when he or she sleeps ro prevent nose blocks. consult your doctor on whether nasal drops are necessary. they are safe for babies.

Ellora Mohanty Biswal

Ajwain is best,  u can add some Ajwain seeds in massaging oil and rub that oil on baby's chest and back.  It helped me a lot.

Sangeetha Karuna

Hey jai shri, i had experienced the same . when she coughs i felt a heart break. As a new mom, these things seems to b quite tough. But do not worry. As your paediatrician said, it will get subsided in a week. Feed her when she demands as Cough will make her throat go soar. As ur baby s now three months, if u have a streamer, put some ajwain and let her inhale. It will ease her nose block. She will be alright soon. Cheer up. 👍

Sheeba Vijesh

its this season jai shri... breastfeed as much as possible.. make potli of ajwain and crushed garlic and use it as "kizhi" on chest and back on low heat. and keep this near baby. give steam with a drop of eucalyptus oil...

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