Hi, my baby girl has completed her two months and is in third month now. I am worried about her sleep pattern. She sleeps during day time and is awake at night. Can I set her routine now or will it be automatically corrected by end of third month? please advise. I have tried breaking her pattern but nothing seems working.

Neha Gupta

don't worry in third month baby can change sleeping routing...my baby boy also doing like this always now his sleep at hole night awake only for milk... 1-2 times

soniya khurana

she started different pattern at start of third month..will it be corrected automatically?

Sonam patel

soniya khurana baby will soon b able to differentiate between day and night.. have patience.. she will automatically set her routine as she will come to know that night is meant for sleeping.. my baby started sleeping at night from 3rd month.. else he would b waking up the whole night..


hey dnt worry,some babies changes there sleeping pattern at the end 3 month.its normal ,be patience

Harpreet Kaur

don't worry, your baby is very small. she 'll change her pattern automatically. but still ruqaiya will help you soniya khurana.

Arwa Hozefa

don't worry . each child has a different sleep.pattern . Yes you could try to keep her entertained during the day so she sleeps less. you can also keep her naps short so she may sleep longer thru night.  it's all trial and error . do what works for ur baby .

ruqaiya khan

dear Soniya , at 2 month old this is a classic day /night confusion . if the baby is underweight its more common . you can.try to wake her up or take a walk with her during day time . keep day active .still if she.doesnt wake up there is not much u can do abt it . as baby grow they put on more weight and their energy to.stay awake increases so they get active during day and sleep more at night . try to encourage good sleep routine .

soniya khurana

ruqaiya Baby is not underweight. Her weight is absolutely fine. I guess she is not able to differentiate between day and night. As you suggested I would try to keep day more active and keep talking to her.
Can summers also be the reason for more sleep at day time?

HAJIRA firdose

hi dear ur baby is still small to set her a clock they still take time to adjust wit day n night till six months atleast they do this n u should adjust all babies r different many adopt it fast many wont nothing to worry gradually it will be fine

Deepa Makhija

baby will change her sleeping routine gradually she is very small to understand day night pattern

radhi anand

my girl did the same . but, my between 3 to 4 months she started sleeping whole night.. Don't worry she will learn to sleep in night very soon..

ruqaiya khan

its good that baby is of healthy weight. summer are not a reason it happena to.babies in winter too . its just a phase .

Neeta Nihale

wait for the mid of the month or end.. baby start sleeping in the night..

Sulipsa Hota

make her fresh using powder nbabywipes. make a good bed arrangement. use a new diaper. it's most. ur baby will awake full night. confirm

soniya khurana

ruqaiya my baby started to sleep during night and had good routine for a week but now she changed her routine again and is sleeping day time and awake at night. She has completed her 3rd month. She is also behaving little wiered in night. She keep holding nipple fr long hours and take nap and if i remove she keeps crying and screaming. I tried lot but unable to do anything fr this. She does like this for soothing and comfort. further i feel she is sleeping less. She sleeps 9 to 10 hours in total. is this ok.

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