My 3.5 yr old son got up at 3 and vomited some rice and chicken he had at night. He then vomited water just after I cleaned him. Now again he woke up at 8:30 and vomited water twice. Anything I can give him. All this while his tummy was aching. I put asafoetida powder in warm water around his naval and stomach ache stopped but not feeling too well.

he might have a stomach infection. stop non veg for 2-3 days give plenty of water and only curd rice. if vomiting continues please go to the dr.

hi, please keep the little one hydrated, give lots of fluids like electral, coconut water. avoid giving milk, please visit doc if vomitting continues.

please go to the doctor anyways... give jeera water

roast some athwani and ask him to chew some and give him water to drink