my baby is of 2months.. while I was using dipper to her in the nyt she is getting rashes....and if not using dipper she z suffering from cold.... what should i do... please suggest me

please apply coconut oil before putting diaper. in the day time keep her diaper free if possible. u can also change the diaper brand n see. maybe the current diaper are not suiting her.

I'm applying coconut oil and baby powder present I stopped using dipper still she recover....I had tried 2brands... pampers and mummy poco pants

Plz try to apply coconut or. Olive oil before u put the diaper on.. And check if d diaper is wet in d middle of the night.. If it is I wud advice to change it... Even in d diapers if we let d baby pee for many times, the baby might end up getting rashes due to excess pee in it... Also u may try to change the diaper brand...

When you use a diaper for a long stretch especially night it is good to use a diaper rash cream. When you are keeping your baby in cloth then apply some coconut oil which will act as a barrier between the skin and urine.

change Diapers frequently. during day time give Diaper free time..desitin cream can be applied til the rashes go away..or else u can use Himalaya Diaper rash cream or oil

don't use powder. first u let the rash heal by giving as much diaper free time as u can. second don't use diPers for too long n third apply ample coconut oil before putting the diaper on

"sudocrem" rash cream works well on rashes. apply it before putting diaper. change the diaper every 3 to 4 hours

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