hello mommies can u plz help me with your suggestions..i am working for one MNC and i have signed a contract for 2 yrs, still i have not completed my contract period, now i have a baby n m on maternity leave.. after d leave,  i have to get back to my work wch is nyt shft..no one s der to take of ma baby at home..can u plz suggest me how can i manage both ma baby n also ma job..

Sheeba Vijesh

how about your hubby. or can you opt for work from home? else you will have to engage a maid(although how much they will look after, since its night is an issue) could you get some relative to come stay with you? Roopashree Siddireddy asha chaudhry aditi manja Dhara Popat Rakhi Puri suggestions!

Rakhi Puri (beautyofmommying)

chaithra somu ask for work from home...I am sure they would allow if they don't you can take a tough call if you want...legal will help you... leaves in India has anyways increased to 6month so stay calm....I am also planning a tough call for my baby....I work for a fortune 500 MNC... don't want to name but I had worst stressful pregnancy period... thought to go legal but planning to avoid more stress and concentrate on baby... planning to resign soon as not getting wfh approval...I have no regrets now but as I will be giving my angel the time she really needs growing up...it is also one big life time investment​...I love my baby more than anything and I am sure everyone do... it's just circumstances which force us to do something we don't want from our lives...we are in financial crunch but I am still ready to face all challenges comes my way for this tiny angel...I am thinking to revive my event management and photography freelance to full time and be mompreneure...I want to work with my baby now not without her...more power and blessings to you...take a stand first and plan accordingly.... thanks for the tag Sheeba Vijesh... this was something I was going through from last one month

asha chaudhry

hi chaithra, surely if u speak to HR and ur supervisor, perhaps u cud work from home? or can u put in a request for day shift where u can employ a nanny? sheeba has given u awesome suggestions. i really hope ur office agrees to work from home option. good luck! Manveen Dua Gayatri Rao Priya Sood kindly advise

Roopashree Siddireddy

Already ppl have given you good suggestion.. follow them

Dr. Payal M

this is a very big decision tht will have an impact not only on ur baby but your emotions n ur relationship with ur husband. leaving such a young baby through the night-' it's a huge thing. u need to decide ur priorities. when both things need ur time, one will have to be placed over the other. u nur hubby need to talk over this. finding a maid is one thing, training n entrusting ur baby with her is another story.

aditi manja

Sheeba Vijesh thank-you for the tag :-) chaithra somu this is a tough call dude. I am sure you are in a fix yourself so a big hug to you. as many people said, you do need to prioritize. Also realize that this time with your baby is something you will never get back after your baby grows up. You might really miss these moments later on. If you talk to your HR I am sure they will be able to help you out. You can hire a maid and see if you have work from home. That way even if you have to do a night shift, it is still manageable because you will always be available for the baby.  Else even when you are at work in your office you will be constantly worried about your baby. Think about the worst case scenario for yourself- you will have to quit. Say you do, but trust me dude, if you keep yourself updated with the field you are working in, I am sure you will be able to get a good job later on. Once the baby is not so dependent on you, then you can leave her with someone you trust. But the first year is a crucial period I feel, especially as you say there is no one at home who can look after the baby in your absence. Another thing is, if you are on night shift then in the day you have to look after the baby, which means you won't really get much time to rest. That will also affect your health. So think this through and ask questions to yourself if it is really worth the stress you are going through. If it is financially viable to you and your family to be on one person's salary for a few years, then you can take a break for a little time and then be up and about :-) Who knows, you might end up using this time to start something of your own too! Enjoy these moments that you have now. Take care and I hope you will be able to find a solution that works for you and your family  :*

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