how to engage and entertain 3 month old babies? my daughter needs constant attention n someone to entertain...I am running out of ideas. pls help

hey vanita. ..same situation wd me...
take her out in the evening... in the garden if it is their around.

I do tat everyday for hf hr. but through the day entertaining is challenging.

Same here. my son just completed 3 months . He wants entertainment throughout the day ..

Talk, sing, read, tell stories even describe what you are doing in full detail. Take her for a stroll in the evening, massage, hand puppets, show her flash cards, expose her to texture cards and also stimulate her by giving her a whiff of different natural scents.

I usually make different kind of sounds through mouth to entertain my son and he becomes over active by hearing that and it also helps me to calm him wen he starts crying

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