hello everyone,after reading one of the post in the babychakra,i got scared..it was the usage of j & j product..it is abt 5 month 11 days baby who has been exposed to this product from birth...as j & j causes cancer as one of the Momstar said..so which is the best product to use from nw...as m so concerned dat till now I hv bn used exclusively j & j baby powder..n baby shampoo...plz guide me..dis is not too late to stop..isn't it??

Actually they say only soap is not good. Body wash & shampoo and all other products are good. Anyways me too avoided j&j products. Using Himalaya products

you can use Himalaya or any other brands like sebamed,mee mee, etc., but next to J&J I guess Himalaya is used mostly

Himalaya proudct does not have any side effect it made for natural proudct