hello everyone,after reading one of the post in the babychakra,i got was the usage of j & j is abt 5 month 11 days baby who has been exposed to this product from j & j causes cancer as one of the Momstar which is the best product to use from m so concerned dat till now I hv bn used exclusively j & j baby powder..n baby shampoo...plz guide me..dis is not too late to stop..isn't it??

Actually they say only soap is not good. Body wash & shampoo and all other products are good. Anyways me too avoided j&j products. Using Himalaya products

you can use Himalaya or any other brands like sebamed,mee mee, etc., but next to J&J I guess Himalaya is used mostly

Himalaya proudct does not have any side effect it made for natural proudct

No idea dear I use natural talc free baby powder from moms co it is toxin free moisturize baby's delicate skin

The moms co baby products donot have any side effects.these are chemical free and good for babies skin.try this as I also use this for my baby.