blessed wid baby boy today ... suggests name from letter D or Ch

hey many congrats meenakshi! blessings baby's way. dont forget to post a pic of him :) Roopashree Siddireddy Prithvi Balaji Rakhi Puri #tagfwd

congratulations meenakshi, God bless! Mayo Verma aditi manja Jai shri


is it normal or c-section??

my gynecologist also advised me for c-section on 7thmay

Woww another good news whatta beautiful day☺ Congratulations dear God bless you n your sweet little one.....Dhruv Dhairya Dron Chaitanya Chinmai :)

congratulations to u n your baby dear😊
daksh,  dishant, divit,  dvitiya

Congratulations.. God bless..😊😊

Meenakshi Sharma congratulations gal.... those pains turned in labor 😘  blessings for you two... hope u r fine

C-sec bcoz of no fetal movements

Congrats Meenakshi Sharma. Blessings for baby
Dev, Daksh

thanku u all for ur wishes n big support also u guyz always there for help.....big big thanks

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