My baby doesn't want to drink milk... I have to do many efforts for it... Hardly 300 or 400 ml milk he drink what to do .?

It's ok.. children of this age do that..try to give him milk products like curd, paneer, cheese etc in different ways..also may be baby doesn't like smell or taste of milk so make a dry fruit powder with elaichi and saffron..that will be healthy and taste will be good..also you can try chikoo or banana shake

कोई बात नही ...आप फोर्स ना करे ...जैसे की अदिति ने बताया आप दुध को अलग रूप मे दो ...ज्यूस ..शेक ..बनाके दो ...

Well 300 to 400 ml is too much for a 1 year old. At this age baby should have more of iron riched foods and this much of milk will hinder the iron absorption. Limit the milk to 200 ml per day, concentrate on solids. Offer vegetables, dal, lentils, fruits, rice roti etc.

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