From the past 2 years or so ive been following a very informative blog called My Little Moppet. The blogger is a doctor and her blog has these amazing recipes for babies, toddlers including a lot of health mix powders. I was wanting to buy some of the health mix powders and that's when she directed me towards Tots and Moms.(Please note, currently one can buy some of these mixes etc directly from doctor hema through her online shop called little moppet foods). Ive used a couple of their health mixes to be given as porridge to my baby. This includes sprouted sathu mavu powder, sprouted ragi powder, kerala banana powder, a couple of their cereals, dates and jaggery cookies, vermicelli etc. Barring the vermicelli, i found most of the products excellent. They claim that the products are organic, however there's no way to know so i went with trust. In case one is looking for alternate options of nutrition for their baby, products from Tots and Moms is worth a try.

Very Happy to hear a feedback from you Keshika. Thanks a lot

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