I met Dr Riddhi in my 32nd week of pregnancy for Lamaze sessions of Fit for Birth onrecommendation of my sister in law, & I must say these sessions actually prepare you mentally as well as physically for birth.Right from the type of delivery you shall have, different labour exercises,baby care, mother care, breast feeding, we get a good idea of what we can expect. Since I am a dentist myself, I was happy and satisfied to get all doubts cleared from Dr Riddhi, she actually makes it a point to give detailed replies to any number of queries you have..I would particularly mention the importance of breast feeding sessions since first time moms are completely unaware of it.. I had an emergency c-section as my baby had pooped inside, but it was such a smooth delivery because I could manage to keep a good temperament right from the moment my water broke.. My family and my husband were also pleasantly surprised with the way I handled the entire process! :) it was possible because I was well informed. Thank you Dr Riddhi.. Would recommend Fit for Birth sessions to all expectant mommies

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