Goin to rainbow childrens hospital,since my 7th week of pregnancy, consulting gynec Dr Geetha Belliappa.on Oct 31st arrived to hospi @ 6 a.m. I was shifted to labor room @ 8:30 a.m.By 12 p.m Dr Geetha came to labor room, pains wer used vaccum,forceps to get my baby out.I deliverd a baby gal weighin 3.46kg @ 12:35 p.m.I was told to rest. Me n baby wer left without any staff. After i could urinate without any difficulty i could get out of labor room. It was 2:30 p.m,yet none of d staff arrived to help me get out of d bed.After 10 mins of shouting comes one nurse n told her duty is over she ll send other nurse. My mother in law had observed d baby not moving her left hand. Dr Altaf Jameel Pasha,checked the baby n told d baby is fine. 11 p.m nurse took the baby to keep her in ICU for few hours for observation. On Nov 1st Around 8 a.m Dr Altaf came for rounds and checked d baby, told d baby is fine. My mother in law asked d doctor why d baby is not moving her left hand. d doctors reply was ''yes,I've noticed it when she was in ICU last night.But i thought of not telling u,cos u might panic.she is affected with a syndrome called erbs Palsy( affected arm remain paralyzed if not treated immediately).Since d baby was weighing more,delivery was not easy, doctors had to pull her n while pulling her nerves are stretched,damaged or torn". I wonder how irresponsible a doctor,a pediatrician can be for not informing d syndrome cos we might panic. What if my mother in law had left baby's hand unnoticed? Dr Altaf would not have told us her condition at all which would have lead to permanent deformity of the hand.No doctor came and diagnosed. Immediate physiotherapy was required,saddest part is there were no physiotherapists in d hospital.D late growth scan itself stated that baby would weigh around 3.5 kg,if that weight of my baby was difficult to deliver normally i was ready for a C-section.Dr Geetha after delivery didn't come for my post partum rounds for d entire day,called her from hospital, informed d situation.Yet i was left unattended in d hospital. baby was not even given a bath, left undiagnosed. Next day,Dr Geetha was in d hospital early morning, but again left unattended. If not d treatment part from her side, we were expecting moral support atleast. Which proves irresponsibility again. It was a nerve damaged for d baby, a neurosurgeon was supposed to be suggested. Instead we were suggested to consult an orthopedic doctor which is meaningless. And 30 mins before my discharge, @7:30 p.m finally Dr Geetha made her mind to visit me. My discharge summary stated baby is mildly affected with jaundice,so visit the hospital again on Nov 4th. Nov 4th, we went to hospital,Dr.Altaf checkd bilirubin level in the jaundice meter n prescribed blood test wher tey take syringe full blood n told jaundice wud naturally reduce. We were told to visit again next day.Nov 5th, we took her to hospital. Checked bilirubin level again, blood test again, a syringe full of blood again.We asked for doctors opinion about how effective is sunbath to cure baby's jaundice.He was like no no it wont work out, Come again next day.Nov 6th we went to hospital again.It is the same procedure again.Taking blood from a newborn n told us jaundice is increasing if you want you can admit her and get photo therapy treatment or u can take her home and come again tomorrow for blood test. He told us to go somewere else for physiotherapy treatment for baby's hand deformity. Is this the way a pediatrician treats a baby. We are new parents and the doctor is so careless

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